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Why Choose Us for your Trade Services

Domestic Manufacturers
Exporting, as profitable as it can be, is not for the weak at heart. It requires a high degree of effort, patience, real time knowledge, cultural awareness, and most of all developed relationships with overseas buyers, who and where they are, and knowledge of where to market certain products and to whom. These can change daily. We provide a careful analysis of the product and determination of the best export markets for that particular product.

We initiate the contacts overseas and then the relationship with the potential customer is carefully developed with an awareness of cultural and language differences and needs of the buyer and seller. We handle the marketing, distribution, and packaging issues, legal issues, price and contract negotiations, import law issues, letters of credit issues, and others.

We short circuit the time, the expense, the confusion, and the mystery for you and handle the export process from start to finish, we facilitate repeat orders.

Overseas Manufacturers
It is obvious that USA markets are begging for less expensive, high quality products. For many reasons we can open the doors here for you and assist you in successfully getting your quality, well-priced products into USA industry and the domestic consumer markets. We can also facilitate establishing joint ventures, and other relationships on your behalf and we also provide consulting services in getting your products registered and approved with USA regulations. Please contact us and introduce us to your products proposal. We are one of the most efficient and easy to work with companies on the West Coast of the United States.

We can help you avoid unnecessary expenses, save you time, and get new customers established overseas. Here are some of our customers' concerns in seeking to export their products:

  • What are the best overseas markets for my particular products?
  • What types of import duties exist for your product in a target country?
  • Where are my products in demand right now and what types of products?
  • Who is the best distributor or agent for my product? What contracts do I need them to sign?
  • What method of payment is best?
  • Where can I find reliable freight forwarder with the lowest fares?
  • How can I ship samples inexpensively and reliably instead of paying high UPS, USPS, or FED EX charges?
  • How do I apply for an export license? What is the protocol for certain cultures?
  • How do I know they are not out to reverse engineer or copy my product?
  • Should I translate my product literature?
  • How can I pre-qualify my leads? What export financing options are available?

With our expertise, experience, and connections, we can address these concerns for you.

If we take on your products, we will get to the bottom line, FAST.

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