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Policies and Procedures

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Policies and Procedures

Interested Buyers

  1. Buyer submits a Letter of Intent [Microsoft Word Document], including banking information, on his letterhead and returns it to BySel Group via fax (415) 392-7191 or mail:
    3795 Balboa Street, San Francisco, California USA 94121.
  2. BySel Group informs seller of offer.
  3. Seller returns pro forma offer signed and sealed along with a signed and sealed fee protection agreement (if necessary), and noncircumvention/nondisclosure agreement (NC/NDA).
  4. Buyers signs pro forma offer, agrees to the terms and conditions ICPO, obtains bank endorsement, and sends both documents back to the seller.
  5. Seller issues contract, buyer signs contract, and returns contract within five international banking days.
  6. Buyer offers the requested financial instruments (standby L/C, revolving, irrevocable, transferable, divisible) with full price guarantee for the entire contract. All L/C's must be confirmed by a top world bank.
  7. Seller responds with performance bond, instruments are activated, and delivery follows as per contract.

Interested Sellers

  1. Seller completes a noncircumvention/nondisclosure agreement (NC/NDA) and submits it to BySel Group (USA) by fax (415) 392-7191 or mail 4429 Cabrillo Street, San Francisco, California USA 94121. A sample NC/NDA [Microsoft Word Document] is available (Microsoft Word format) or you may use your own.
  2. BySel Group signs the NC/NDA and faxes or mails it back to the seller.
  3. Seller submits information on their product or technology, including export prices, to BySel Group.
  4. BySel Group will inform the seller if samples or additional documentation is needed.
  5. BySel's new product committee will notify the seller after they determine the viability of the product for the overseas markets.

Commodities Policy (effective December 1, 2013)

We receive dozens of requests for quotations for our commodities daily. Unfortunately, most of them are in reality false inquiries only, not from real buyers. This negatively impacts legitimate buyers who may not get the attention that they deserve. Therefore, we have adopted the following policy in order to save time, paperwork, and headaches. This policy allows us to maintain our credibility with major producers.

In order to identify legitimate buyers and their representatives, before we submit quotations or pro formas, we require fully completed letters of intent on the buyer's letterhead with complete banking information (bank verfication letters preferred). This policy is not alterable, and it benefits both parties who are sincerely interested in closing a deal.

We will sign noncircumvention/nondisclosure agreements and fee protection agreements, etc., as necessary. We will pay commission fees to one broker only.

Once a LOI is received an verified, we will issue a pro forma offer within 72 hours. We can also arrange a conference call with all necessary parties.

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