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About BySel Group

BySel Group is a Global Trade Management firm based in San Francisco, California. We support the efforts of the World Trade Center Environmental Trade Forum, the Manufacturer's Agents National Association, and the United States Department of Commerce.

BySel Group has agents in several countries to facilitate distribution of high technology or unique products that we represent and import/export throughout the Pacific Rim, North and South America. We have trading affiliates in many countries.

Our Philosophy

In this global economy it is our philosophy that most midsize and small US quality manufacturers have not yet begun to tap into the overseas market. American high technology products (pollution control systems, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, computers, and manufacturing equipment) and consumer products are still considered the most advanced, desirable, and trendy products worldwide. Despite what cynics would have one believe, small and medium size companies can become very profitable by exporting their products to buyers in the new booming overseas economies.

Exporting has silently funneled billions of dollars in sales revenue into USA companies that are smart, informed, and connected enough to tap into these markets. Meanwhile, export-ignorant US companies fight with domestic competitors for potentially limited domestic markets.

Overseas product-starved distributors are eager to establish importation of US consumer and high tech products into their countries, but historically they have primarily concentrated on the giant American companies as their primary suppliers, because only recently have they had the resources to fully develop the contacts and deliver the products. However, these opportunities are now available to nearly any manufacturer or distributor through BySel Group (USA) and its international affiliates.

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